“I have my own sun, moon, and stars, and a little world all to myself.” 

So wrote Henry David Thoreau from his cabin at Walden Pond. In the woods of Concord, Massachusetts, Thoreau found his own little world full of beauty, silence, and simple pleasures. Luckily, you don't have to go to Massachusetts to find what he found, and you don't need to retreat to a cabin either. Because The Shepherd’s Farm brings simple joys and tangible comfort together under one roof. 

You have good, and then you have world heritage.

Here in Heuvelland, time stands still. The Kemmelberg looms silently in the landscape. France beckons on the horizon. Birds sing, even when it rains. History, relaxation, and 190 hectares of protected natural beauty come together in something UNESCO recognized as world heritage. And in the middle of all this beauty lies our farm.

Once a sanctuary for shepherds and the hundreds of sheep that grazed the Flemish fields. Now a place that is not just a place, but a collection of moments of happiness. A little world of your own. To cherish and share with the people you love.

The New Shepherd of The Shepherd’s Farm

“Rest assured.” That is the mantra of host Francis. Making you feel at home at The Shepherd’s Farm is not enough for him. Because isn’t that just the minimum? No, it should be more than that. Pampered, yes. Cared for, always. Surprised, preferably. Francis has thought of everything so you don’t have to think of anything. If you do miss something, Francis is immediately ready to fix it for you. That is hospitality.